F465: 10W 2-Stage GaN Amplifier

The recent introduction of the Sumitomo F465 10W 2-Stage GaN device has opened the door for high efficiency, broadband, medium to high power designs requiring a small physical footprint. The ability of the RF design engineer to tune the input, inter-stage, and output match of this versatile device to suit his specific application requirements makes this device appealing on many levels. A single device can be selected to achieve moderate gain and efficiency covering a wide bandwidth. Likewise, the same device can be tuned to a narrower band to achieve much higher gain and efficiency. The recently created RF Applications Lab from Component Distributors, Inc. (CDI) has had the privilege of getting first access to this device for evaluation purposes to further showcase the versatility of the F465. This application note will cover the first F465 reference design operating over a decade of bandwidth (30MHz to 600MHz) achieving high saturated efficiency (>50%) and high saturated power (>41.5dBm) while maintaining gain greater than 28dB operating at a drain voltage of 28V. In conjunction with the development of the F465 reference design board, CDI developed a GaN bias board capable of sequencing two independent gate voltages as well as a single drain supply voltage for two GaN devices.

Click here to download the complete Reference Design in PDF format.