Crisis between Tehran and Washington : Iran’s President does not want for the time being, to speak in the Trump.

Washington, had to take it back before the talks, the sanctions from Tehran. The United States emphasize that they do not want war .

Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani has rejected the offer of talks from U.S. President Donald Trump on a provisional basis. “Surrender is our mentality and Religion are not compatible, and we will not surrender, therefore, in this Situation,” said Ruhani as the web portal of the President’s administration on Sunday. He did not rule out negotiations with’s Trump entirely. His condition, however, is that the US President take back first in the exit from the Vienna nuclear agreement by 2015, and to the sanctions against Tehran .

Trump had proposed to the Iranian leadership on Thursday, calling him to talk about the Conflict between the two countries. Rouhani acknowledged that Iran is currently in a difficult situation. However, he stressed at the same time, the country will make a stand and work together to find suitable solutions.

Trump should have given according to media reports, in the Swiss Embassy in Tehran, to the to the diplomatic interests of the USA in Iran, represents, a telephone number, a security source said it could call. This resulted in social media mocking reactions, among other things, to the call: ‘Call me first (call me first).

US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo stressed that the United States wanted no war with Iran. “Our goal is not war, our goal is that the Iranian leadership to change their behavior,” said Pompeo, on Saturday (local time) in an Interview in the channel CNBC. “Iran is the biggest destabilizing force in the Middle East, and we set ourselves the goal to make this right.”

The laying of military associations in the Region, founded Pompeo with an increased threat from Iran. The United States wanted to increase their safety in the best way possible and at the same time, president of the european that there is sufficient deterrence potential on-the-spot should be approx. In the case of Iran, U.S. objectives in Iraq, in Afghanistan, in Yemen, or is other place to attack in the middle East, be prepared for the United States on an appropriate response .

The aim of the u-S-a Director was for and ensure that there is for Iran, no way back to a nuclear weapon and that its missile program is the AND corresponds to resolutions. In addition, the be, “revolutionary efforts to control the Arab capitals as Damascus, Beirut and Sana’a, no adequate Operation. The following is destabilizing, and we ask ” you, in the normal things of the normal States to adapt to do. More“.

Open disagreements with the EU, told Pompeo: “If I speak with you, understand the threat posed by the Islamic Republic of Iran. With the nuclear agreement, they have taken a different path.“ If the US talks, but about the risk of terror and destabilization, the risks emanating from Iranian allies such as Hezbollah in Lebanon, the Houthi rebels in Yemen, or the Iranian controlled militias in Iraq, would understand the Europeans, the American Concerns .

Iran suffers from U.S. sanctions.

He likened the “economic war” of the USA against Iran, the eight year war between Iran and Iraq (1980-88). This war started with an attack of the regime by Saddam Hussein on the Iran and hundreds of thousands of lives. The current “war” is problematic. “At that time (1980) we had not the problems with our Oil and cooperation with the international banks,” said the Iranian President.

Under the recent US sanctions source of income-of the country suffers, especially in the Iranian Oil exports, the main. Also the trade with foreign countries was laid by the American sanctions in the banking sector to a standstill. The international banks not want to Finance out of fear of U.S. sanctions Iranian commercial projects .

Green push Ic to visit in Tehran.

The Greens are urging the foreign Minister, Heiko Maas, in view of the, from their perspective, escalating of the Conflict, the Persian Gulf open to visit in Tehran – and “quickly”. The Federal government should do more to preserve the nuclear agreement with Iran, said Omid Nouripour, foreign policy spokesman of the Greens group in the Bundestag, the “mirror”. For crisis diplomacy be direct talks necessary, underscore Nouripour. “Against the Backdrop of the growing war danger in the Persian Gulf, Heiko Maas should hasten to Tehran travel, to try to keep Iran in the nuclear agreement.” The situation was now “too seriously, for Appeals from the distance”.

The United States have in the Conflict with Iran, the Washington in the previous year announced a nuclear agreement rattled massively with the saber. Among other things, has already been transferred to the aircraft carrier “USS Abraham Lincoln” by his Association in the Middle East. This was based on the fact that there is evidence to suggest that Iran, attacks on U.S. troops company could.

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Conflict the nuclear agreement with Iran, The military build-up have been built in the USA”

To do this, russkaja has announced the relocation of the war ship “USS Arlington” and of a further missile defense systems of type “Patriot” in the Region. As in the case of the aircraft carrier, the laying of the “USS Arlington” in the Region was planned, already longer, but was accelerated now. (dpa)